• Life Insurance & Disability Insurance for the Benton IL Area

    If something were to happen to you, what would happen? What would happen if you were a pianist and you permanently injured your hands? Who would pay for a funeral if you died? At JW Insurance, we help you plan for the future with life and disability insurance that ensures the financial stability of you and your family should something unexpected happen in your life. The life and disability products that we provide include:

    • Term Life
    • Whole Life
    • Universal Life
    • Individual Disability Insurance
    • Long-Term Care Insurance
    • Group Life Insurance
    • Group Disability
  • Term Life Insurance

    This is the most easy-to-understand type of life insurance policy. It has no cash values and can be purchased for certain periods of time such as 5, 10, 15, 20, 25 and 30 years. Premiums are paid monthly into the policy that provides a death benefit to family members or a friend that will be burdened with sorting your estate. This money can go to pay or funeral expenses, pay outstanding bills and more. The coverage only lasts while you’re paying premiums and while you’re within the term of the policy. Some policies allow for these terms to be extended – talk to our staff about what’s best for you!

  • Whole Life Insurance

    Whole life is a permanent form of life insurance that provides coverage for the entire life of the policy, which is not subject to the time constraints that term insurance is. Additionally, these policies provide a death benefit to beneficiaries just like term coverage. However, Whole life offers something that term can’t, which is a cash value that builds over time. These products are many times used in estate planning as a saving’s vehicle for retirement.

  • Universal Life Insurance

    Universal life, developed from whole life insurance, is a type of permanent life insurance based on a cash value. That is, the policy is established with the insurer where premium payments above the cost of insurance are credited to the cash value of the policy. The cash value is credited each month with interest, and the policy is debited each month by a cost of insurance (COI) charge, as well as any other policy charges and fees which are drawn from the cash value if no premium payment is made that month. The interest credited to the account is determined by the insurer; sometimes it is pegged to a financial index such as a bond or other interest rate index. The advantage of the universal life policy is its premium flexibility and adjustable death benefits. The death benefit can be increased (subject to insurability) or decreased at the policy owner’s request.

    The premiums are flexible, from a minimum amount specified in the policy, to the maximum amount allowed by the contract. The primary difference is that the universal life policy shifts some of the risks for maintaining the death benefit to the policy owner. In a whole life policy, as long as every premium payment is made, the death benefit is guaranteed to the maturity date in the policy, usually, age 95 to age 121. A universal life policy will lapse when the cash values are no longer sufficient to cover the cost of insurance and policy administrative expenses.

  • Disability Insurance

    Everyone’s occupation hinges upon being physically able to do the job. Unfortunately, for some, injury or illness may mean the loss of the very thing that helps you make a living. Whether you’re worried about the use of your hands, legs, feet, etc., JW Insurance can provide disability insurance to help ensure you’ll always be covered – even if you can’t work.

    Additionally, we provide group disability coverage for businesses where their employees may be subject to injuries that could permanently disable them. Questions about disability coverage? Contact our staff for complete details!

  • Long-Term Care Insurance

    It’s an problem that we’re seeing in increasing numbers. Senior citizens that are living longer and don’t have the money to sustain their living past a certain age. When planning for your future, it’s smart to start planning to live the long life that you thought was possible. Long-term care insurance provides the coverage needed to keep you provided for as the years pile up. Long-term care can cover:

    • Home Healthcare Expenses
    • Nursing Homes
    • Skilled Nursing Facilities
    • Hospice Care
    • More...