• Your Health Insurance Professionals for Benton IL

    You never know when disease or injury could strike. When this happens, will you be covered? What about your family or your employees? Whoever that needs health insurance can trust the pros at JW Insurance to help them find a policy that fits their coverage needs and fits their budget. Available health insurance products include:

    • Individual Health Policies
    • Group Health Policies
    • Group Disability
    • Short-Term Health Insurance
    • Medicare Supplements
  • Medicare & Medicare Supplements

    Medicare is a wonderful program that helps seniors and those with disabilities obtain the healthcare services that they need to stay healthy. However, Medicare doesn’t really cover everything, and you may be left with gaps in your coverage that seriously jeopardize your health if something were to happen. JW Insurance provides Medicare supplements that close those gaps and help you get the coverage you need.

    • Medicare Part A & Medicare Part B

      This is your actual Medicare. We do not sell Medicare plans; you’re eligible for benefits based upon your age or upon developing a qualifying disability. Medicare Part A covers hospital-related costs such as emergency room visits, surgeries and more. Medicare Part B covers medical expenses such as a visit to a primary care physician and other outpatient procedures.

    • Medicare Part C

      This is a Medicare supplement that we offer to our clients at JW Insurance. Also known as Medicare Advantage, Part C covers things not typically covered by Part A & B such as dental, vision and even prescription drugs.

    • Medicare Part D

      This is another Medicare supplement that we offer. This supplement provides coverage to offset the high cost of prescription drugs.

  • Short-Term Health Insurance

    Sometimes, there may be a lapse or gap in your medical coverage, meaning you’ll have to go a period of time with no safety net. Luckily, we provide short-term health insurance that can cover people 0 – 64 for a period of 30 – 180 days. Talk to our insurance professionals about your health insurance policy and how you could be exposed.

  • Individual Health Insurance

    Does your job not offer health insurance benefits? If that’s the case, you can’t just live your life on the edge. Well, you can, but it’s easier to talk with an agent at JW Insurance about individual health insurance plans that ensure you the coverage you need to feel the peace of mind that you’re after.