• Meet our team of insurance professionals

    JW Insurance provides a continuation of customer service that originated with our establishment in 2004. As an independent agency, we take pride in offering the right coverage for all facets of your life. We take the time to understand you and your life, giving us the opportunity to help you add coverage where you need it most.

    We know how important great service is in the business, and our focus on this value has won us the acclaim of hundreds of business, professional, and individual clients. With the flexibility available as an independent agency, we can evaluate our client needs and search through a multitude of companies to compare insurance policies based on rates, coverage, options, discounts and more.

    We know that for every policy we write, there’s a person with a need for peace of mind. That’s what we’ll provide, whether you’re at home or at work. We offer both personal and commercial lines because we know your life doesn’t stop, so neither should your coverage. From home and auto to life and health, it’s good to know the local guys that have the answers you need.

    It is important to know that the qualities that built the agency over the years have not, and will not, change. They are the cornerstone of our business. Look to JW Insurance for consistent service, creative coverage, and competitive rates.

  • Community-Focused Professionals

    We take pride in serving our community, and we make it a goal to stay active and stay involved in the towns and cities that we serve. Understand our local communities and those that live there is the first step in being able to help our clients with all their insurance needs.